Dr. Bronners

The Bronner Family has been in the soap making buisness for generations. The company is now run by it´s 4th and 5th generations, still adhering to Dr.Bronners original ethos of bringing you the best, most natural, fairly traded, environmentally friendly soap there is!

The products are made from organic oils without  anything synthetic or chemical making it safe for the whole family and Mother Earth.

The skin is a large, porous organ absorbing anything you put on it into the bloodstream. It is therefore of great importance to use the most natural skin care products to protect you and your family from harmful chemicals that are usually found in them e.g. parabens and SLS which are, of course, never used by dr.Bronners.

Like the thousands of satisfied dr. Bronner customers around the globe you´ll be hooked for life once you try these great, versatile products. The soaps can e.g. be used equally for your hair, body, hands and face and is also great for you dishes and in the washing machine. It´s the only soap you´ll ever need!